Confronting Canada Day Rally and March in Vancouver

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Confronting Canada Day march down Commercial Drive, July 1, 2014. Confronting Canada Day march down Commercial Drive, July 1, 2014.

By Zig Zag, Warrior Publications, July 2, 2014

Approximately 100 people attended a “Confront Canada Day” rally and march in Vancouver, BC, on July 1, 2014.  The rally began at Clark Park in East Vancouver with Natives drumming, singing and speaking against the colonial history of Canada.  There was also a contingent of anarchists dressed in Black Bloc and carrying black flags.  The group then marched down Commercial Drive behind a large black banner that proclaimed “Decolonize Means Attack”, chanting slogans such as “No pipelines on stolen Native land” and “Fuck Canada”  with fireworks and flares being lit periodically.

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Klamath Tribal Members Protest “Celebratory” Signing of Agreement‏

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Klamath protest 1 APRIL 21 2014

(CHILOQUIN, OREGON) – U.S. Department of Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, State of Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber, State of California Governor Jerry Brown, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley, Klamath Tribes elected officials and Klamath Basin irrigators held a “celebratory” signing of the Upper Klamath Basin Comprehensive Agreement last Friday at Collier Park, 4 miles north of Chiloquin.  With strong support from Senator Wyden, he stated “I am going to introduce in the first few days of May, legislation in partnership with Senator Merkley to make this agreement law.”

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Cascadian Folk Music (blood moon mix tape)

This is a song by The Gold Rust, recorded by Oldtimer, from the ‘Goldtimer EP’.  Another version appears on ‘Sawdust Unincorprated‘.  Full title is Identity Crisis (Cry Me A Fucking River).

This is a song by Barnswallow, they are rad.  It appears on The Party Wolves Cometh.

Here is another take at a “Cascadian National Anthem” by Kyle Acheson.  I want to hear the Dropkick Murphy’s play it.

This song by Elona Trogub is already a classic.  Here the Portland Radical Choir performs ‘Cascadia the Free’ changing the words “true democracy” to “deep ecology” in contrast to the original (posted below).  Other versions have adopted “total fucking anarchy” however.  To each their own, such is folk music.

I would also like to hear the Dropkick Murphy’s play this.

Here’s a Cascadian tune by the Warren G. Hardings from Seattle.  A lovely song about place.  Way to regulate, fellas.

Given Blackbird Raum‘s Port Townsend connection, and this lovely rendition by the Portland Radical Choir, and the fact that there are no wolves in Santa Cruz, I think it’s safe to clam this as a Cascadian song.  Thank you very much!

In the bioregional spirit of interdependence, and today’s first of four blood moons, well end on an apocalyptic note by Dublin’s Lethal Dialect.  These lyrics seem Cascadian enough:

Brace yourselves for new world order, raisin’ hell, they’re harvesting us all in the name of Baal as populations swell.  Building mass graves in the Cascades where they say the dark angel fell.”

You’re guess is as good as mine!?


Update on Sinixt Nation blockade of Mt. Sentinel

Warrior Publications

Sinixt winter camp at Mt Sentinel, January 2014. Sinixt winter camp at Mt Sentinel, January 2014.

Sinixt Nation, Feb 7, 2014
Lim Limt to all the supporters and allies that came and visited us at Mt.
Sentinel. Lim Limt again for the donations of food, coffee, firewood and
money. And above all, Lim Limt to all the stories and laughs shared around
the fire.

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Teck smelter spills chemical solution into Columbia River

Too bad pollution doesn’t respect colonial borders, cuz that shit is on it’s way to where I live. Wonder what it will do when it mixes with the seepage from Hanford?

Warrior Publications

Up to 25,000 L of sodium hydroxide solution flowed into sewer leading to the river near Trail, B.C.

CBC News, Feb 01, 2014

A mining and smelting company spilled a large volume of chemical solution into a domestic sewer line near Trail, B.C., on Tuesday.

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Idaho & Montana Tar Sands Megaload Protests! Missoula 1-24-14

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Wild Idaho Rising Tide

At 12:30 am on Friday morning, January 24, a convoy of pilot and flagger vehicles, state, county, and city police escorts, and a 804,000-pound transport of tar sands mining equipment hauled by Portland, Oregon area-based Omega Morgan hesitantly rolled down Reserve Street in Missoula, Montana, and ground to a halt.  For a third night, about sixty mostly indigenous people from Missoula, Butte, Helena, and all over Montana and Canada sprang from the sidewalk near Central Avenue and filled the five-lane width of Reserve Street with singing, drumming, and round dancing.  Police respectfully backed off and stood by, letting the ceremony symbolizing solidarity and friendship continue for 10 to 15 minutes, while dozens of the vehicles and workers facilitating ecocide, genocide, and climate chaos idled all around the beautiful circle.  Together with the spirits of the Earth, ancestors, and elders, the strong prayers and actions of the Salish, Cree, Anishinabe, Blackfeet…

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