the streets of seattle

Again we find ourselves in a particular Seattle cafe remembering the moments we’ve spent in these streets in years past.  Yesterday is already a memory that will last a lifetime.  The 5th annual Abolish Columbus Day march took place here on occupied Duwamish land, and the feeling in your gut from the drums, the songs, and the smell of sage became one more prayer for the healing of this land, rising into the air above the Salish Sea.  The way the clear golden sunlight falls upon these streets in October always speaks of what is meant to be.

It seems Wray and I ended up on KOMO news with our updated version of the Doug flag. We screened the film in the Central District at the Wild Cat last night, and the discussion lasted until we were all falling asleep.

The screening in Portland the night before at the Clinton was well attended, and it was a sight to see a line out the door of Cascadians carrying flags and smiling from ear to ear.  We have pictures that will be up soon.  On our way to Ellensburg right now!


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