the heart of cascadia


(above:  Cascadia loves you, Oakland, let’s be neighbors!)

We’re with good friends in Bellingham right now, waiting for Devin to arrive.  The local weekly here is called “Cascadia Weekly – Reporting from the Heart of Cascadia”  We passed through one of the most beautiful stretches of I-5 on our way from Lakewood this morning.  Mountain Lions are often seen in the streets of south Bellingham, and there are some of the strongest state-side salmon runs left in this area.  There’s a warm spot in my heart for old B-ham.  I’m looking forward to meeting many new folks this evening.

Last night we screened the film at Coffee Strong, an anti-war, pro-soldier GI Resistance cafe in Lakewood.  They now have a Cascadian flag on the wall.  Cascadia has 1.2 million Vets out of the 15 million humans who live here.  More per capita that anywhere else in the US Empire’s occupied territories.  We also have the highest Vet suicide rate, and Indigenous people join the military more (per capita, respectively) than any other “group”.  We’ve been discussing the Warrior Spirit frequently on this trip, and it’s plain to see it’s rather strong in our bioregion.  I don’t think this will change anytime soon, and I think this is good.  Cascadia needs our Warriors, and it’s past time their Empire steals them from us.  The 4th Brigade is set to deploy to Occupied Afghanistan at the end of this month, and we woke up in Lakewood to a town covered in bright green stickers that say “we don’t have to go to Afghanistan”.  Soldiers are going AWOL more than ever, but the recognition that the real fight is at home is growing more than ever.  When Vets returned home after Vietnam, the were treated with scorn.  I’m happy to say that Cascadia welcomes our Vets with open arms.


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