colonial vortex

We spent yesterday trying to get out of Victoria and head up the West Coast to escape the city energy that was starting to get at us.  I swear Devin drove in circles for 4 hours on the road from downtown Vic to downtown Vic.  We made it past Sooke after dark and slept with the sound of waves crashing onto “French” beach.  Signs for cougars and bears everywhere convincing tourists their children will be eaten if left alone.

We made it to Port Renfrew by this morning and enjoyed the bit of peace and fresh air before heading back for tonights screening at Camas books on unceded Lekwungen territories.  Some of our heroes teach at U Vic, and we’re crossing our fingers hoping to meet them.  I think Gord Hill should make a comic book of real life superheroes that transform into Team Cascadia.  The cast would include Nuu-Chah-Nulth Decolonizer…..The Warrior…..WSANEC Avenger…..Waz could just be Waz…….  Really, so many of my heros are on this Island.

Superpowers aside, how is this for sovereignty.  The BC government recently told Enbridge off, saying they wont permit the Northern Gateway Pipeline.  With immense pressure from First Nations and Kanadian citizens, including next weeks rally in Victoria, the BC government actually followed the will of the people.  Go democracy, right?  Wrong. Now China can sue BC under one of those lovely “Free Trade Agreements”.  And with Harper ready to sell half of Turtle Island to the highest bidder, guess how much of a chance the BC government stands against Mao’s capitalist empire.

Cascadia, your time is come.  The only way out is going to be open defiance against globalization.  This means kicking D.C. and Ottawa out of the bioregion.  The Feds will jump through any Chinese hoop there is.  And as Chris Hedges pointed out this month in Canada’s Walrus magazine, the inevitable collapse of the US dollar will tank Canada right along with it.  Then, when China says jump, they Feds just say “how high?”

This is going to be a lot of fun.  Free Cascadia!


One thought on “colonial vortex

  1. Hello! I am trying to find a way to get in touch, i have been recommended your film from comrade at camas. We are having an earthfest event at Uvic and would like to take the opportunity to screen this film on the 18th at 12:30pm. I cant be there at camas tonight but am interested in seeing it!

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