the garden of pipe dreams

Greetings from unceded Nuu-Chah-Nulth territories,
Tofino, B(sic).C(sic).

As journalists, we have spoken with many, many Cascadians and have heard
many, many different pipe dreams. We, as Cascadians, are not interested
in pipe dreams. We are dedicated to the real place, the actual bioregion,
not an idea of it. We are also not propagandists. We have no Party or
Platform for others to follow. We made a film, interviewing a variety of
Cascadians who recognize that we are in an ecological crisis, and that
Cascadia has been decimated through colonialism. The “Pocahontas” bit is
a racist stereotype that we reject. Many of our friends are dreamers, and we don’t
hold that against them. We all rarely see eye to eye on everything. It’s good that way.

We recognize Cascadia as defined through geomorphological precesses, and
geology and ecology then have shaped the human cultures here since at
least the last ice age. The culture that was brought here starting in the
late 1790’s is not shaped by this land, but by settler-colonial
ideologies. The technologies imposed upon this land are an artifact of
that culture. This has been destructive in untold ways.

We are advocating leaving behind Ideologies, and letting culture and it’s
technologies come again from this land. We recognize that we are not
going to be in control of that process as individuals, but we do each have
something to give in the co-creative process of restoring this land base
and decolonizing our lives, along with this land base. We recognize that the US
Empire and the Canadia State impose a Culture of Occupation upon everyone
living here. This must end, and in fact, their global Empire and the
ecology it is depedent upon are collapsing as we speak. We will not be
tied to their mast and go down with their ship.

The colonization of this land had a beginning, and it will have an end.
Cascadia is home to many Indigenous Nations, and they are still here.
They are here to stay. The reality is, many settlers are also here to stay, and many of
us feel the responsibility to heal this land and live here in the original
abundance of this place. This does not limit human creativity, but
establishes healthy boundaries in order that the land may regenerate 100%
as it had until colonization.

We do not believe in the “environment”. Humans are part of the ecology of
this planet, we are not separate. We do not prioritize the “environment”
or culture or humans or trees. We do prioritize the reality of our
interconnections and the interdependence of all living things in this
place. We call this Ecology: the understanding of home.

OK. Now that you can see our “politics” on our sleeves, you can judge for
yourself. We made this film to share with other Cascadians in order to
spark healthy debate and real life communication. We don’t want to preach
to any choir or waste any time with inflammatory rhetoric. If you want to
participate in the free enterprise of thought, then we’d love to bring our
film to your community.


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