the cure get cut off

Sitting at a cafe on Commercial St. In Vancouver City.  The Cure was playing on the stereo, perfectly fitting the urban gloom of Cascadia’s most paradoxical metropolis.  Right where that guitar line comes it at the beginning of “Jumping Someone Else’s Train”, the barista cuts it and puts on Bob Dylan “Blowing in the Wind”.  I still can tell if I’m disappointed.  Dylan or the Cure?  Well, I never did like Dylan that much.

This city is such an absurd dream.  We’re screening the film downtown tonight, just one block from Kanada’s worst skid row, and just a few blocks from one of the must bourgeois financial districts you’ve ever seen.  The Native Youth Movement was born right here.  Truth of this city makes people cry.  How long until we wake from these strange dreams?  They say Coyote is coming back.  But this place was made by Raven.


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