in my dreams i am free

It seems we brought the sun with us to the Redwood Coast, Cascadia’s deep green south.    Land of the Karuk, Hoopa, Yurok, and Tolowa, we’ve screened the film in Happy Camp, Arcata, and tonight in Crescent City.   Our pal Derrick Jensen will be speaking with us tonight which we’re excited about.  I’ve only read about 20 of his books.

There is a good Chinook run happening on the Klamath this year, we’ve seen some huge spawned out fish.  And yesterday we walked to the mouth of the Klamath where the world is renewed every year and the seals play in the river where it meets the ocean, chasing fish at their leisure.  It was down right warm, the sunset was beautiful.  Creator was very kind to bring the Yurok into our world here.  I was reminded of when my father would bring home water from Klamath Falls when he worked there when I was a kid.  The water tasted different, and my brother and I would ask for “Klamin’ Falls” water when he’d come home.  The Klamath headwaters is very close to the little Deschutes headwaters.  In fact the Klamath, Deschutes, Willamette, Umpqua, and Rouge all originate from Hishokwolas (Mt. Thielsen), Crater Lake, and Medicine Mountain.  All sitting together at the center of the universe.  Center of my universe anyway.

We met some folks from Vancouver Island in Arcata.  Temperate rain forests unite!  The magic here is undeniable.  There was elk and king bolete mushrooms for dinner last night. We’ll be back here often.  That’s for certain.


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