cascadian anarchist witch hunts and grassroots indigenous resurgence


Maddy Pfeiffer, age 23, has joined Katherine Olejnik and Matt Duran in the SeaTac Federal Detention Center as one more brave Human Being and Grand Jury Resister who has refused to be a snitch.  They have neither committed nor been charged with any crime.  The Seattle Stranger has published a good article that I highly recommend reading.  I would also recommend reading some of the comments below the article from the colonial scum buckets who think Federal inquisitions are all well and good.

Let’s be serious.  This is only the beginning.  These people have been taken prisoner for one reason: they stand by their convictions that The State is not sovereign.  And how many of us have the “political belief” that the US and Canadian occupations hold no moral weight?  Or, how many Patriots out there think opposition to the US Federal government simply on moral grounds is a good reason to be put into solitary confinement if you won’t shit on the Fifth Amendment and publicly name everyone you know who also has a backbone?

These kids may be “anarchists”, but their actions also make them Patriots of that illusion called “Liberty”.  So regardless  of your “political” persuasion, they need all of our support so that, in the very Heart of Cascadia, we can set a precedent that no POW is ever left behind or forgotten to rot in prison.  Many of us may be taken prisoner in the process of decolonization, so lest we shit on the graves of all of our ancestors and doom ourselves, PLEASE SUPPORT THESE BRAVE KIDS:

Update from the Committee Against Political Repression:

On December 26th, Maddy will enter SeaTac Federal prison, like Kteeo and Matt, for their refusal to cooperate with the Grand Jury. As you continue to support Matt and Kteeo please include Maddy in your support as well. They will need money for their commissary and books and letters to help them stay strong and firm in their resistance. Check for updates on Maddy’s address and book list. Also, we are still in need of financial support for all the resisters and those folks facing indictments in Seattle so consider donating money or holding a benefit for capr during the holidays or after. Visit our donation page at

Thank you so much for your continued support. It means a lot to Matt, Kteeo and Maddy and to all of us in CAPR.

This resistance State-side is happening as resistance to the Canadian State has become open and widespread as the Idle No More movement is showing good signs that it also has a backbone and may not capitulate to the State as one more “rights” discourse.  To quote:

“The chiefs have called for action and anyone who chooses can join with them, however, this is not part of the Idle No More movement as the vision of this grassroots movement does not coincide with the visions of the leadership,” said the statement, posted on the Idle No More Facebook page. “While we appreciate the individual support we have received from chiefs and councillors, we have been given a clear mandate by the grassroots to work outside the systems of government and that is what we will continue to do.”

One of the chiefs involved in action plan discussion said the leadership wanted to be sensitive to the grassroots-driven movement and make clear that their plans are being developed in support and as a response to Idle No More.

“Chiefs are standing firm in support of Idle No More and grassroots citizens,” said the chief. “We now need to unify.”

The message is clear that the Emperor wears no clothes.  Their illusion of democracy is coming to an end.  And we need to see through our various “political” differences and support each other as we refuse to worship their idol and bow to the State.  The one thing that makes “anarchist” and grassroots Indigenous struggles complementary and unique from the rest of “politics” is their fundamental opposition to State sovereignty.  And I must add that bioregionalism is functionally incompatible with State sovereignty.  Here is the basis of Cascadian solidarity that transcends our political divides.

Please support Maddy, Kteeo, and Matt.  And please support the voices in Idle No More who see this as the beginning of the true Resurgence that needs no validation from the State.


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