Interesting post that mentions the film. I’m going to write an essay distinguishing a Bioregion from the ideas of Mega-regionalism. I hope I don’t fall asleep writing it;) We’re screening the film in Bend at the Tin Pan Theater next week. Info soon
-Cathasaigh Cuchulainn

The Connectivist

To give more depth to what I wrote in ‘Crisis 2’ about the “corridor community” in the [North West of the USA, West coast of Canada and the coastal area of Alaska]; here is a very strong film about what drives these people and what ideas their share: The Occupied Cascadia Documentary Online

They have chosen to say “Enough” to the old ways the regime that they feel occupies them. This is what one of the inhabitants, Jeff Michka, wrote after seeing the film:

“”It was a good watch this morning. It did leave me with the often-felt sense of what it has meant to live here, and of being old enough to have watched and mourned passages of things in both natural and social realms in what can be defined within the concept (alone) of Cascadia.   I’m also oddly left with a deep sense of our very short history here, at least…

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