Tiocfaidh ár lá

Lingit Latseen

On Sunday I was in Eugene, Oregon for the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference where I participated on a panel with Cascadian Bioregionalists which included the makers of Occupied Cascadia and a representative from the Portland State University Cascadia Branch. Unfortunately, Xhopakelxhit from Coast Salish territory in British Columbia was unable to make it; she was supposed to be on our panel, too.

What we discussed on our panel was the future of this region; a region which has been called, at times, Raven’s Bioregion and sometimes Cascadia. I advocate for the resurgence of traditional tribal nations based on our model of old: decentralized networks of autonomous clans, villages and tribes in alliance with one another; each with it’s own territory and natural resources which it cares for. This is a land based, cultural approach unique to indigenous cultures all over the world. This is a vision that is in…

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