no snakes in ireland


Is it not ironic that a People and a place that has suffered hundreds of years of colonialism is celebrated throughout the Western world by excessive alcohol consumption?  What if you got on the internet on Thanksgiving and saw an add that says “Wild Turkey:  The Official Drink of Thanksgiving”  and everyone said, with a bottle in their hand, “We can be Lakota for a day!”  Not very P.C., is it?  Or let’s start a holiday to celebrate the Great Plains, and we’ll call it St. Custer day, and we can all get drunk.  Seriously, look up the story of St. Patrick (who was not Irish) and see if you don’t find yourself reading a story of the Holy Roman Empire eradicating Indigenous spiritual traditions.

But not to be a downer, today I’m celebrating 1600+ years of Indigenous resistance.

Here’s some Irish cheer for ya!  Damien’s right up there with Sinéad!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  I’l be wearing black.  Don’t worry, my blood is green;)

Tiocfaidh ár lá  Well never forget who we really are.

Cathasaigh CúChulainn


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