Settler Culture

I think all things british are playing out their endgame. Harper reinstated “Royal” to the KKKlanadian military the year before a long term low-intesity Indigenous uprising broke out. It’s just the fundamentalism people cling to when they know their day is done. And despite the anti-british and republican nature of the 4th of July for those of us south of the colonial border (or north in Tlingit Aani) here in Raven’s Bioregion, it’s still a celebration of settler culture little better than this racist non-sense. At least, on principle, we can celebrate the overthrowing of a colonial government!


Some more displays of the British Unionist culture of the British Unionist minority in Ireland. Unrepresentative of the mainly Scots-Irish and Anglo-Irish pro-union population in the north-east of the country as a whole but symptomatic of the “settler politics” that permeates the outlook and attitudes of some in that community: embattled strangers in a strange land surrounded by a sea of hostile natives.

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