A Cascadian Resilience Gathering: Sept 9-15 – Umpqua Forest


A Cascadian Resilience Gathering is growing in the woods of Southern Cascadia. The Guild of Scholars, Scribes and Independent Posties (G.O.S.S.I.P., an unincorporated and autonomous mutual aid group) has called this Gathering during the week of September 9-15, 2013.

We intend to create a safe time and space for Cascadians to share important information pertaining to resilience and network with their brothers and sisters, outside of the constructs of the empire. Essentially a week-long unconference in the woods, with skillshares, conversation, reverence for nature and music.
The location is just east of Glide, Oregon—which is, itself, east of Roseburg, Oregon, and south of Eugene about 60 miles—in the Umpqua Forest of the Boot-heel of Cascadia, near a body of water called Fuller Lake.The site has a spring and plenty of parking and camping space.  http://goo.gl/maps/6Qw2Q
Emphasis on village building will be put on the 9th to the 13th, where we will be laying water lines, tapping springs, setting up water filters, digging shitters, building community kitchens, erecting workshops and common spaces. Our research tells us there should be a lift on fire restrictions, and we intend to have community fires. Groups are invited to add to the village as they wish to design their camps. RumorZ Cafe will be providing a community kitchen and coffee shop. The Guild will be providing a workshop and library space.
Emphasis on education and networking will be put on the 13th to 15th, where we will be holding space for individuals with skills and ideas to share to do so in community. We encourage groups to to consider what they have to offer. Some proposed skillshares so far: cordage, treeclimbing, photovoltaic hacking, foraging, knackery, slings, bowmaking, sewing, navigation, shelterbuilding, horizontal facilitation, and banjo playing.
Contributions and radical self-reliance are requested to help our community best thrive. We ask that folk bring what they need to survive and some to share, if possible. Gifts of skills and service are especially valued, especially if paired with the tools to serve our fellow Cascadians. We specifically ask that people bring food that is woods friendly (not going to spoil or leave trash) to donate to our community kitchen(s). Extra tarps and cord can always help. We specifically need waterline, otherwise we’ll be carrying many gallons from the spring.
See you in the woods!
For more information, contact artofabraxas AT gmail.com 
or call or text 503 877 4635 

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