Making a Sustainable Future Legal requires Collective Legal Civil Disobedience Or What I learned from Thomas Linzey, CELDF and at the Equinox 2013 Portland Talks…

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By Treothe Joseph Bullock – Portland, Willamette Valley, Oregon, Cascadia

Thomas gave 2 talks as Portland kicked off its Food Sustainability (No GMO +) Community Rights Initiative Campaign. Thomas is an environmental lawyer who has been recognized by the likes of Al Gore in the Whitehouse for his environmental firms 130/5 win record (A distinction he says was for work that ultimately had little meaning) and has been listed by Forbes magazine as one of the world’s top 10 revolutionaries (another honor whose source he cites as dubious). His work began with conservative south central Pennsylvania farmers fighting a migration of industrial corporate hog farms into their rural communities. He is a cofounder of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund.

Over the course of his work he has come to some conclusions – which if they were truly comprehended by the majority of citizens – would hasten us to the…

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