Cascadian Folk Music (blood moon mix tape)

This is a song by The Gold Rust, recorded by Oldtimer, from the ‘Goldtimer EP’.  Another version appears on ‘Sawdust Unincorprated‘.  Full title is Identity Crisis (Cry Me A Fucking River).

This is a song by Barnswallow, they are rad.  It appears on The Party Wolves Cometh.

Here is another take at a “Cascadian National Anthem” by Kyle Acheson.  I want to hear the Dropkick Murphy’s play it.

This song by Elona Trogub is already a classic.  Here the Portland Radical Choir performs ‘Cascadia the Free’ changing the words “true democracy” to “deep ecology” in contrast to the original (posted below).  Other versions have adopted “total fucking anarchy” however.  To each their own, such is folk music.

I would also like to hear the Dropkick Murphy’s play this.

Here’s a Cascadian tune by the Warren G. Hardings from Seattle.  A lovely song about place.  Way to regulate, fellas.

Given Blackbird Raum‘s Port Townsend connection, and this lovely rendition by the Portland Radical Choir, and the fact that there are no wolves in Santa Cruz, I think it’s safe to clam this as a Cascadian song.  Thank you very much!

In the bioregional spirit of interdependence, and today’s first of four blood moons, well end on an apocalyptic note by Dublin’s Lethal Dialect.  These lyrics seem Cascadian enough:

Brace yourselves for new world order, raisin’ hell, they’re harvesting us all in the name of Baal as populations swell.  Building mass graves in the Cascades where they say the dark angel fell.”

You’re guess is as good as mine!?